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Statistics say that about a quarter of all teen pregnancies end in abortion. That is having half of those teen pregnancies end in death due to unsafe abortion. Many cases involving abortion can lead to health issues and even death. Medical abortion is available to woman within the first nine weekends of pregnancy. It involves taking two sets of pills over two visits to a clinic. Every child is a blessing and has the right to experience life. To grow old and live life with many memorable memories you can reminisce.
With abortion you’ re letting go of a miracle.”The greatest destroyer of peace is abortion because if a mother can kill her own child, what as humans are we becoming”
, quote by Mother Teresa.
s unquestionable that every medical procedure is risky, including childbirth. Abortion wasn’ t th th illegal before the 19 century in the U.S. In the mid-19 century, 20-25% pregnancies ended in abortion, making the woman at risk at death. Having abortion reduced the birthrate among white and African
American women; legislators started to worry and banned abortion. However, that didn’ t stop women from still getting abortion or so they call it,” back alley”
. In the article of “
Abortion: Overview in this Issue:
Understanding Controversy and Society”
, women of all sorts beginning to enter the workforce or who couldn’ t afford a child continued with obtaining illegal abortion, resulting to death.
Discoverly, I have found in fact that the pill failed to work for Shannon Skinner,19 years old and still pregnant three months later. Ms. Shannon Skinner have had an abortion when she was 8 weeks pregnant. She said she continued to have morning sickness and starting to feel movement. She was told by doctors that it was just the effects of abortion. Ms. Skinner had an abortion at a unsafe clinic called,"Marie Stopes". She was unfamiliar with the clinic and the procedure failed. Having to put the unborn child at risk for health failure. A failed abortion can end in a miscarriage and or having the baby come out with health defects.
In 1988,Rebecca Bell,age 17, died from an abortion with pneumonia. Although she had a close relationship with her parents, Bill and Karen Bell, she had no reason to fear abusive behavior. She went ahead and drove to Kentucky where she had an unsafe abortion. on September 13, she started showing sign of illness. Her father took her to the emergency room, where doctors discovered that she had pneumonia on both lungs. At 11:29 p.m she died of a cardiac arrest. Antiabortion activists argued that she suffered from a miscarriage as a result of that came pneumonia. Accordly,she had no alcohol or illegal substance in her