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Download services
Download services include things such as downloading games music and films from the internet this category has grown in the past 5 years as storage has increased in size and the price of a terabyte hard drive has come down the feasibility of downloading films and high definition videos has gone up with the growth in smart phones and portable music players such as the iPod these services have become ever more important
Download services are things such as the iTunes store they offer people Digital content (films, apps, music, eBooks, podcasts, TV programs and Games) these files are then downloaded to the machine and the stored on the machine for the user then to access that content from that machine these services get rid of the need to store data in a physical form such as CDs and DVDs which makes it popular today. With companys such as apple promoting this media it has grown also as the ease of access to devices that support thins has grown massively.
We use this service to rent films or to buy films music, games and software today it takes a while to download but then it is saved on the machine and it is the users there are many stores as well so the prices are competitive with music the price depends on the bit rate the higher the bit rate the higher quality so a higher price people now have a choice on the quality of the media the buy. The iTunes store is a good example it is split in many sections so film music app and TV programs to name a few meaning a user can get to the part of the store they are looking for. On the home page with various charts the chances are people who looking for songs that they have heard on the raio are there but there is a search bar that has predictive text making it easier to get artists that the user ca’t quite remember who they were or
These services are so much better than buying for example cds now in stores like the iTunes store you can select a certain track to buy and download which means that people have access to tracks that were previously unavailable if the artist didn’t realease a single for it and the person would have to pay a hefty price of the whole album this is useful another use full is the apps linked to these stores such as shazam that can detect songs and take the user to these songs in the store on the OS that device runs on. Also the 3G network on smart phones means that now people can download media anywhere they have a 3G connection making the media easily accessible most stores as well a smart now they remember if you have bought a track for instences so if your computer for what ever reason get wiped or destroyed you can access the media via the account and download it again to