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Task 3 Written Report


Orana Education and Training Co-operative Ltd (OEC) is a community based not-for-profit organisation that has been operating in Western NSW for over thirty years. The principle activity of OEC is that of providing employment opportunities, training and related education for unemployed people in these communities. OEC has a proud history of working closely with disadvantaged and Indigenous communities from Bourke, Enngonia, Weilmoringle, Brewarrina, Goodooga, Wellington through to the Queensland border, including Nyngan Gulargambone, and Coolabah just to name a few.

OEC has a strong commitment to provide high quality employment services for regional businesses seeking staff, and job seekers who desire to be placed in employment that matches their skills. OEC's employment and training services provide essential resources to help our regional communities grow. OEC’s Moto is “Making a Difference”.
Bourke Brewarrina Office comprised of 1 administration Officer, 6 consultants, 1 team leader, 1 Regional Manager servicing the Oxley area which included communities from Bourke, Enngonia, Weilmoringle, Brewarrina, Goodooga, Nyngan Gulargambone, and Coolabah and Byrock. Staff had to travel to remote locations on a daily basis dealing with the unemployed and people with extreme barriers to overcome.
Staff having extreme working conditions in remote locations and working in isolation. Staff also having to adhere to DEEWR and OEC policy and procedures and other government regulations and legislations such as OH&S, EEO working in isolation policy.
Team purpose is to register and case manage people on income benefits, monitoring and manage a caseload of 200 intensive support clients including: monitoring, interviews, assessing the client and organising training to place them in the workforce. Provided placement and support to clients and employers and follow-up client outcomes.
Adherence to organisational and funding body policies, codes of conduct and procedures.
Aims to achieve best practice in customer service to achieve optimum job placements and provide leadership and support to other team members and to use best practice operation to maximize the designated KPIs of 6 registrations per week, 3 job placements and 5 interviews per day.
Utilized EA 3000 and Jobmax in data entry of all daily work activities and making sure that noticeboard is cleared daily and interviews set and letters sent out in a timely manner.
Provide reports and monitoring on selected jobseekers within scheduled timeframes. Ensuring high levels of compliance to Job Network contractual and operational requirements, ensuring no contract breeches.
Documentation of consultation with relevant personnel and investigation of strategic plans, business plans, operational plans, performance plans and key performance indicators

Consultation with the team leader was set weekly and this was requested through our online diary in outlook and a calendar meeting request emailed together with agenda for meeting.
KPI and outcome targets
Job placements
Staff Leave and performance
Incidents and accidents (OH&S)
Complaints and complements
Team Leader had to prepare weekly report including feedback from consultants and Admin officer from team meetings which were held 5 days prior to Managers meeting.

Analysis of team processes and team member’s participation in decision making, providing self and mutual support, providing feedback on performance and addressing issues / problems
Discussion of the methods used for facilitation and support of the team to identify and resolve problems
Techniques used to maintain communication between management and team members (and vice versa) regarding unresolved issues, concerns and problems between the team and line management and vice versa, and also techniques to ensure follow up action
Recommendations to enhance team effectiveness

I managed and maintained Job Network Service for 7 years, to deliver