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DQ 1: Brawl in Mickey’s Backyard
Lance LeBaron

1. Disneyland is the focal organization in this situation and this organization is dealing with employees that cannot afford to pay their rent with the minimal salary being earned. There are 20,000 Disneyland employees and only ‘18%’ live near Anaheim. Disneyland employees are not happy with the opposition on building a new condominium near the park with relatively cheap rent.

2. The relevant market stakeholders in this situation are the Disney employees, The Walt Disney Company, City of Anaheim City Council. 3. At the end of the day all the stakeholders want to make their money but also keep the economy pollution reduced. The Walt Disney employees are in favor of SunCal’s proposed development. The visitors that attend the park would need a place to stay while visiting and if the nearby apartments or condos are full, fewer visitors would want to travel very far to visit for a period of time and then have to travel back on the deadly freeway 55 that is full of traffic 24/7. I would assume the visitors would favor the idea more than not. On the contrary, the nonmarket stakeholders such as the chamber of commerce, various businesses inside the resort district, local government officials all want the same outcome. These stakeholders are on Disney’s side and oppose the idea of non-tourism projects.

4. The relevant stakeholders have sources of power from city council. The only reason the protestors were doing what they did…