Dr Gardner Theory

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Dr. Gardner’s Theory

In my opinion, Dr. Gardner’s theory,states that there are at least seven ways that people understand and perceive the world. Everyone has a different way of learning. Everyone has different types of intelligence. His theory represents talents, personality traits, and abilities. Some are stronger then others in some areas. The seven intelligences are spatial, linguistic, logical, bodily, musical, interpersonal, and intrapersonal. Spatial is a intelligence that is used when people prefer to work with drawings or an image. Linguistic is when people express themselves through writing. Logical is people who are good with math and expressing their learning with numbers. Bodily is people who learn through body expressions. Musical is people that learn and express themselves through music. Interpersonal is people who learn by communicating with others. Last but not least is intrapersonal which is where people learn from ones self or past experiences. There are two intelligences that apply more to me and they are bodily and intrapersonal. Bodily plays a big part in my life because I use to dance growing up. I can remember dance moves from music videos or movies. In middle school I had a huge recital. My dance instructor needed someone for a solo before the big performance. To see who was going to get the part she taught us a routine and we had to auditioned for it. With me being as good as I am, I got the solo. I remembered very