Dr. Helene Gayle and the Aids Epidemic Essay

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NAME: Sherry
Title of Case: Dr. Helene Gayle and the AIDS Epidemic
Author: Norma M. Riccuccl
1. This case discussed Dr. Helene D. Gayle’s career that is fighting with AIDS epidemic, and stated that how Dr. Gayle successfully utilized the effective managerial leadership in her position. In my opinion, this case not only propagandizes that these infectious diseases, such as AIDS, STD, and TB, for humans and the whole world are still a huge challenge, but introduces that Dr. Gayle’s personal magnetism charisma and leadership on managing her teams and preventing AIDS all over the world. Thus, this case is very important because it teaches us that a public leader or supervisor who only has managerial skills is not enough; meanwhile, they
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(Riccucci, 2005, 97) In addition, her leadership is a process that gets all of her staff together to achieve their goals. For example, because of her excellent personality and moral character, her colleagues trust her, even the chief of organizations or countries also believe her; thus she can effectively lead her groups and successfully achieve groups’ goals.
4. In this case, I learned that a successful public leader not only should understand how to manage or organize the staff, but also need to be provided with excellent moral characters and responsible for the people who really need help and for the her public career. On the practical level, in my opinion, public administrators should have these characters, such as, integrity, honesty and a strong moral compass, because these outstanding behaviors can help public administrators establish personal honor and gain respect from people and society. Furthermore, public administrators should practice a strong mental resilience and flexibility so that they can adapt to the changeful social environment and overcome political obstacles. In addition, public administrators should sincerely respect people’s dignity and genuinely concern and help for others, and they also ought to take accountability for themselves and their behaviors because their