Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde Summary

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The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
(Written By Robert Louis Stevenson)
88 pages, Oxford Bookworm Library.

This novel, Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde was written by R. L. Stevenson. First, this book is published in 1886 by Longman Pearson PLC , but in this version it was retold again by Rosemary Border from Oxford University Press 1991. This story genre Horor- Fantasy. It was made as a movie two times, in 1932 and 1947. Another, it has also been very popular Therefore, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde became a call of person who has two characters.

The Biography of the Author.
Robert Louis Stevenson, A famous author from Edinburgh, Scotland. He was born in November 13, 1850. Stevenson was inspired by the nurse who taking care of him
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Henry Jekyll, He created solution to change his identity to another, Edward Hyde. However, Hyde is violent, cruel and hates for others. Surprisingly no one knows his secret. Until one day, Hyde was murdered Sir. Danvers Carew and witnesses remember him making Mr. Utterson , a lawyer and Jekyll old friend, feel very worried Jekyll. So that, they went to meet Jekyll in his house. Jekyll looks worried and frightened about the news of Carew death . Utterson warned Jekyll stayed away from Hyde. Because, he gave his will to Hyde, and now Hyde is the villain. He promised Utterson. At a later time, Dr. Lanyon his old friend and Jekyll, sick and gave letter to Utterson. In addition, he is feared to mention the name of Dr. Jekyll and told him open letter after Dr. Henry Jekyll death or disappearance. After, the death of Lanyon Mr. Utterson & Mr. Enfield went to visit Jekyll at his house. However, they was rejected several times, and Jekyll refused to meet them. Then one day, Poole old servant of Dr. Jekyll had asked for help to Utterson. Because of, Jekyll did not come out of his lab and Poole heard weeping came from that room. And wondering what happened to his master. The two men then broke into the room and found Edward Hyde lying dead on the floor with a bottle of poison, but without Dr. Jekyll. Utterson rushed to his home quickly. After that, he brought a letters from Dr. Lanyon and Jekyll Lab to read. Then, he knew that Henry Jekyll is Edward Hyde whom everyone hates now. Jekyll created Hyde to release violence on his mind. But, from time to time He can’t control it. Finally, he decided to stop Hyde with his