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Unit 216 Support independence in the tasks of daily living

Outcome 1 Understand principles for supporting independence in the tasks of daily living

1. explain how individuals can benefit from being as independent as possible in the tasks of daily living.

To be independent gives people a feeling of control over their life. People feel more comfortable, safe and satisfy when they can do things for themselves and this also helps to maintain their self-esteem. Independence can help the individuals to fulfil their life goals. Individuals being self-sufficient about decisions that are made regarding there one life can make them feel that they are positively contributing to society. Being self-sufficient redounds assuredly to our
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If personal preferences are not respected, then this could not only off end the person, but also they may avoid seeking support when they need it. Sensitivity should be exercised at all times.

5. describe how to identify suitable opportunities for an individual to learn or practise skills for daily living

People can learn practical living skills on a day-to-day basis. It is important therefore that care workers recognise opportunities and give the appropriate support. If a person is living in a supported living environment, the opportunities to learn life skills can be effectively embedded on a regular basis. For example, while the support worker is helping the person to do their shopping, use public transport or access a service such as a cinema, there are opportunities to develop communication, organisation and numeracy skills. When planning activities the support worker, with the person, should recognise and seize opportunities for that person to develop valuable learning and life skills. Shopping trips can be a useful learning opportunity – for example, when planning what is needed, writing lists, organising where to go and keeping within budget. Learning to shop online can also be a valuable learning experience for the development of functional ICT skills. People with restricted mobility such as those with Parkinson’s disease, following a stroke, or surgical operation may also find Internet shopping useful in order to maintain independence, but