Dr. M Montessori Said That the Child Develops Himself by Living and Wrote About It Using the Term “the Secret of Childhood.” Describe What She Meant by That. Essay

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The child is believed to hold a secret. After much research, this secret is the potentials that a child is naturally born with. The child is known to be a spiritual embryo, possessing qualities that are not visible at birth, which would help him build himself. These hidden potentials allows the child to reveal himself through the process of development, and hence, able to self-construct himself through his fullest potentials.
There are two aids that assist in attaining a child’s full potentials. They are the internal and external aids.
The internal aids are what the child has within himself. Upon birth, the child is born with an absorbent mind that is unconscious until the age of 3. The child here absorbs everything in his environment
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He can direct his full attention to a particular object in his environment with intensity and an interest. This way, he is able to learn concentration, and to be able to build his personality, and thus, he would be calmer and more controlled and rested.
The development of will is when the child’s ability for prolonged attention and concentration is revealed. Anything the child does have will in it. If there is a will, there’s a way, and this is what the child believes. If he wanted to perfect walking and he would repeat and repeat it. He would not give up until he does. He wants to be the master of his environment. He makes continuous decisions and actions on his own in the environment. He develops confidence and eventually the power to obey. With that, the child will be obedient, not because he was told to do so, but because he wants to and chooses to. This strong will in the child is what makes him reach independence, and allows him to further aid in the development of his inner-self.
The development of intelligence is how the mind constructs itself with his environment, creating a system of relationship with the child and his environment. When the child goes through his unconscious absorbent mind stage, he takes in all that is around him without filtering. Once he reaches the conscious stage, he is able to filter them, group them, categorize them and link them to his