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English Reflective statements

Devil on the cross

Kenya Pre and Post Neo-Colonialism

Devil on the cross is a very interesting book that covers various themes and one of them is the neo-colonialism regarding Kenya. Kenya was a place made out of tribes mainly until the Portuguese colonized and then many others focused interest in Kenya like the Muslims, and then it was finally sold to the British. All these influences affected Kenya and the colonizers started to delegate governmental figures within the country so even after the supposed independence the power in Kenya still belonged to foreigners and not to the Kenyans themselves.

In Colombia this is seen in our government too, the united states of America directly affects the decisions our governments makes regarding many situations such as FTA ( free trade agreements) narco-terrorist extraditions and internal political decisions regarding national security. This did not start with the united states though, since all south American countries come from European colonies the decisions made in the past that are part of the present south America where based on European influences such as the Spanish and the Portuguese. Even thought the Spanish left after stealing most of the gold in South American countries many settlements where left behind and European structured like governments started to arise, it is still seen that the majority of powerful politician in most south American countries have European last names, mainly from Spanish descendants.

In my childhood I had to hear a lot about political controversies in Colombia due the influence of the United States, apparently the majority did not approve the FTA because it would cause a decrease in prices for the local farmers and it would only benefit big corporations.

There are many groups just like in Devil on the cross that have risen because of this like the FARC or ELN which are guerrillas financed by the drug market. The purpose of these groups is to change the government and make it fair and square but sadly the people behind the financing of these have other greedy ideals.

The presentation made me realize how Neo-colonialism is a world wide problem that was started hundreds of years ago and we still are going trough its consequences, I could understand the background of Waringa better and what type of things the place she lived on was going trough. Great presentation, very clear and informative.

Woman in Kenya

Kenya is another country affected by sexism and the author of devil on the cross definitively makes a criticism of these in his book trough the main character what she experiences. Many factors in Kenya affect the female population like teenage pregnancy, HIV, gender based violence, genital mutilation and lack of education. All these factors are seen in the book Devil On The Cross.

In Colombia society most of the people understand that there