Dr. Motsoko Pheko's Speech

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In the speech “Effects of the Colonization on Africa’s Past and Present”, Dr. Motsoko Pheko believes that the colonization of Africa is unfair because of how the European are treating the Africans. The Africans have to bring rubbers to the authority and if they don’t, they will get their right arm chopped off. Pheko uses pathos to advance this view. For example, Pheko states “Colonised Africans were treated not as sub-humans, they were denied basic rights such as education and the right to land for decent housing, farming, mining, and fishing” (Pheko).This example of pathos demonstrate that other people should feel sad or etc, when they read or hear about this speech because the Africans did not get any equal rights. The Africans couldn’t even get education, housing, farming, etc. and they barely got any freedoms for themselves. The use of the word/phrase “sub-humans” appeals to emotion by how the Africans were being called because being named by that means that the they are not being treated as human but are being treated by something else.Therefore, Pheko uses rhetoric to advance his view that the colonization of Africa is unfair …show more content…
Henry thinks that the Africans are a barbarian chorus. For example, Stanley states, “A monster canoe led they way, with two rows of paddlers standing up, 40 men on a side, their bodies bending and swaying like a barbarian chorus driving down towards us” (Stanley). This quotation demonstrates that Stanley thinks the Africans are uncivilized chorus that made loud noise to try to scare Stanley and his men away. The use of the word/phrase “barbarian chorus” implies that the Africans are primitive and does not welcome any outsiders and they are making loud noise to scare them away. His overall tone is disgruntled. Thus Stanley think that the Africans are coming to his boat and would try to kill