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Every parent worries the first time she leaves her children home alone. What if the children don't know what to do in the case of an emergency? In Dr. Seuss’s novel, The Cat in the Hat, Seuss explores the negative consequences of leaving children at home alone. When children are home alone strangers may enter the house, objects may be broken, and the children’s minds can be corrupted. In the story, an insane person enters a home while the mother is out and refuses to leave. Also, this insane man causes hundreds of dollars of damage as he destroys valuable posessions. Finally, the insane person encourages small children to act dangerously and irresponsably. Dr. Seuss's novel, The Cat in the Hat confirms every mother's fears about her children not knowing what to do when left at home alone.
In Dr. Seuss’ novel The Cat in the Hat, when children are left home alone, they are vulnerable to strangers entering the house. First, the children don’t know what is happening as the Cat violates their living space. The children think, “Something went bump! How that bump made us jump!” (5). This quote supports my example because the children don’t know how to react to someone committing a burglary. Additionally, because the children are only supervised by their pet goldfish, they are easily manipulated into letting the Cat stay. When the fish tries to help the children, he claims, “He should not be about. He should not be here when you mother is out” (11). Third,