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Maxwell Terrell
Chosen Dr Seuss Books Text Response

1) IF I Ran A Zoo
Theme: “What if you ran a Zoo?”
Activity: Students will identify the characteristics of their favorite animals. They will discuss how the animals can be modified. They then will create a visual representation of the new animal.
Expected Outcome: The students will be able to identify key characteristics of different animals.

2) Horton hears a Who!
Theme: What would you say to Horton?
Activity: After reading the story, the students will use writing prompts to create a fictional dialogue between themselves and the main character of the story.
Expected Outcome: The students will improve on their ability to creatively write.

3) McElligots Pool
Theme: “What’s the difference between salt and fresh water environments?”
Activity: Students will read McElligots pool as an introduction into learning about different aquatic ecosystems.
Expected Outcome: The students will be able to identify the differences and similarities between fresh and salt water environments.

4) Scrambled Eggs Super!
Theme: Discovering rhyming words
Activity: Students will create eggs that are filled with different words that rhyme. The students will then use these words to create a short poem.
Expected Outcome: The students will have a greater understanding of the rhyming sounds in words.

5) There’s a wocket in my pocket
Theme: Using Rhyming Words
Activity: The teacher shall read the story to the class. After explaining what a rhyming word is the students will change the rhyming words at the end of each sentence to another word that rhymes.
Expected Outcome: Students will be successful if they are able to complete a rhyme phrase that is read by the teacher.

6) The Sneetches
Theme: Anti-Racism Activity
Activity: The class will make a list of all class privileges. The students will then randomly be placed into two groups. One group will be allowed the privileges while the other isn’t. The class will discuss their feelings on the exercise afterward
Expected Outcome: Students will have a greater understanding of the harms of racism.

7) Ten Apples up on Top
Theme: Counting with apples
Activity: After reading the story the…