Draco Malfoy: A Short Story

Words: 461
Pages: 2

Draco Malfoy was a very interesting boy, however when the summer came he changed. During his summers he usually just sat staring at pictures of Professor Snape, practiced making snide remarks, and asked his dad for money. However he still had a lot of time on his hands and his hatred for everyone but his fellow Slytherin members was still burning. One day, after Draco's dad had bought him and all of the Slytherin quiditch players new broomsticks, Draco decided to check up on Harry and Ron to make sure they weren't getting any better with magic or quiditch over the summer. He hopped on his brand new broomstick and took off toward Ron's house, when he got to the house he saw the sign out front which read "The Burrow". "Ah this is it", said Draco with some smug confidence. As he flew around the house peering into the windows to see if they were home he managed to find Ron and Harry sitting in a …show more content…
Harry immediately hopped onto his broom and took off, Ron had a bit more trouble getting on his because he wasn't nearly as good as Harry was. Draco was still flying around the house trying to figure out which way he had come from when Harry caught up to him. However as soon as Harry got up close to him Draco took off faster than Harry could fly, "what the?!" Said Harry. Harry was used to being the quickest flyer because of his broomstick but he was mystified as to why he couldn't catch up with or even fly as fast as Draco. Harry and Ron both went back inside and started back studying their quiditch plans. Draco went so fast on his way back home that his face hurt from the wind pressing up against it. When he got home his father was waiting for him because he wasn't supposed to have ridden his broomstick yet. Draco got grounded and wasn't allowed to leave the house for the rest of the summer, so instead he practiced his spells and let his anger boil for Harry and his