Dracula: Strong Emotion. Stoker Essay

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67Haley Kwiatkowski
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Response Throughout the book, Dracula by Bram Stoker, the author included part of the book where it made the reader feel a strong emotion. Stoker does a really good job at creating an attachment to a character and when the character goes threw something, the reader goes through the same thing in a sense. In the part of the book where Mina and Jonathan were reunited again in the hospital made me feel relief. This is because before Mina didn't know where he was, or even if he was still alive. She loves him very much, and to see how much she was excited, and how she felt was touching. Also, when he gave her his notebook and she put it around her wrist was heartwarming. It shows how much he trusts her and in a way it brings them much closer. It also shows how much he cares for he as well.
When Lucy died and Mina just got a letter in the mail instead of someone come tell her to her face was tragic. Its sad that she got the news like that. It was unfair to get news of her best friend's death in a letter. It made me feel sympathy towards her, it made me kind of grateful that our technology is so improved than back then because if i even got news of my best friend's death in a letter, i would not want to live on.
The love between the two, Mina and jonathan, is a love that every little girl grows up hoping for, without the sickness and Dracula of course. That combined with the letter of Lucy’s death makes me grow a