Dracula Synopsis Essay

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Stetson University this past weekend put on the play Dracula which was originally written in 1899. Their interpretation of this play was astounding, and had the audience interested for the entirety of the play. I would have preferred to see the play twice to see the difference but I was out of town. Certain actors and actresses were amazing while others were overplaying there part. Never the less it was a very well put on play. The actress who played Ren on Sunday was an amazing actress. She truly made you fall into the play as truth. Her ability to so quickly change between sweet and full on crazy made you question whether she truly was crazy. She was able to connect with the audience with her eyes in a way that very few actors can do. Also when Ren came on and left stage she was able to quickly put herself into her part. To be able to get onto stage she had to attach chains onto her legs and arms, very few people even noticed her doing this act. The fact that Ren was a woman for the play made the play that much better. Normally Renfeild is a man but in this portrayal Ren was not only wanting Dracula as her master she seemed to be in love with him. It worked out very well with the speech with Mina where she was able to say how much more Dracula will love the beautiful people. The count was a great actor but in many points he tended to over play his part. The accent was over the top on Wednesday night and made me believe that it was not as real. I loved the part where Dracula comes off the boat and you only see his back. The mystery makes you want to figure out who he is and find out more. Professor Van Helsing was another very good act. He had very long scripts that you knew he was having trouble remembering. Though he was having pauses they played up to his part since he was from another country and very intelligent so he was searching for just the perfect word rather than stumbling on his lines. I loved how he walked with a type a poise but with his head forward showing his immense intelligence. Even with some messed up lines his heart was fully in this play and he went with what he said…