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Openness, Agreeableness Predicts Social Dominance Negatively
Wright State University

The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between openness to experience, agreeableness, and social dominance orientation. Social dominance orientation is a personality trait that makes the individual to favor hierarchy that dominates lower status groups. It maybe caused by the lack of openness to accept new ideals or how friendly each individual is. I surveyed (N=80) students at a private university in the Mid-West. The results did support a relationship between openness and social dominance orientation and also a relationship with agreeableness as they both negatively influence it. Keywords: openness; agreeableness; social dominance

Openness, Agreeableness Predicts Social Dominance Negatively
What really caused war throughout our history? From “The Civil War” to “The Vietnam War” have some indications of power struggles over some part of land that disrupted order and then caused chaos which is something that has interested psychologists for years(Torreon , B. S. 2012). Social Dominance Orientation determines what kind of person wants out of life because they desire order and wanting to dominate others by putting them where they belong. A great example of this would be a man named Adolf Hitler who was given named the “most evil man ever in history” because of the Holocaust and what he did to the Jewish people living in Europe(Torreon, 2012). Overall in the beginning, he was an artist that wanted to go to school in the arts but was turned down by every Jewish owned school and that was just a spark that would force him to do the impossible and become a powerful political figure later in his life( Torreon, 2012). The power struggles and class mobility is what the people often wanted in their lives and to live a more comfortable one as well but nonetheless the trait called Social Dominance Orientation will linger in so many people and no body knew what kind of trouble they would be getting into when they fight when there is no order(Torreon, 2012). What really makes a person desire order? What drives a person to become so into themselves that they would sacrifice others for the sake of it? This study is here to found out what makes Openness, and Agreeableness the kind of traits that would inhibit this kind of trait.
Social Dominance Orientation Social Dominance Orientation-or SDO for short-is defined as a personality trait that predicts social and political attitudes that individuals favor hierarchy within any social system and the domination of lower-status groups(Sidanius & Pratto, 2001). This trait is the desire order and having a social order of classes where humans belong so the class above them can dominate them. In other words, people who have this trait are most likely go into careers such as the military, police force or other type of governmental job that creates order among the population.(Sidanius et al, 2001). Furthermore, this trait is what we see often in dictators who think that their will is the way of life and normally is overthrown if the power is abused too much. Nonetheless, people who have this trait often have low values of friendliness or “agreeableness” on what they experienced as a child when growing into adulthood while they perceive that certain experience with great value either good or bad.
According to the definition by Costa & McCrae (1992) states that people who have the openness trait tend to have an active imagination, attentiveness to one’s inner-self, experience new things, being spontaneous, desires variety, and possess intellectual curiosity. In other words, people who are “open” tend to be more accepting and have a zest for life(Costa & McCrae, 1992). My hypotheses is that openness negatively affects SDO because according to previous research by Fang, Sidanius, and Pratto(1998)explored the issue on racism. In their research, they