Draft: Computer Program and Reuse Essay

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I found very interesting that Cloud computing it is a way in which individuals and business can work with applications and data stored in a web base environment , basically “ cloud “ refer to all in one , is a term to for a virtualized information technology. Some of the cloud computing advantages includes, that provides a balance online environment making possible for organizations to handle high volume of work without damaging the system performance. Another advantage, is lower capital cost organizations can actually offer exclusive services using a huge scale of computer resources, and remove or add IT capability to fulfill peak and fluctuating service demand, and just paying for actual capacity used. Software component reuse is the software engineering practice of creating new software applications from existing components, rather than designing and building them from scratch. Reusable components can be requirements specifications, design documents, source code, user interfaces, user documentation, or any other items associated with software. All products resulting from the software development life cycle have the potential for reuse.
Reuse of Software is the practice of creating new software applications from existing mechanism. Basically allow organizations to avoid starting from scratch. Any item associate with software, such as, source code, users interface, user documentation, design document are elements of “reusable components”. The way I see it Reusable components are easier to preserve and usually have a better quality value and avoid lots of errors. Organizations using “Reuse of Software” reduce time in applications, reduce