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Instructions: Copy and paste the following text into a document or create a document that contains the same information.
Using your essay in response to the unit's writing prompt, complete the following steps to improve your essay.
1. Insert your introductory paragraph with your central claim. Include any revisions your instructor asked you to make.

Was Brutus a betrayer or a patriot?
Brutus took it upon himself to save his own country, a patriot at it's finest. Don't you think? On the other hand, people disagree because of the fact that he killed Ceaser. Even though that may be true, the good that he accomplished definitely outweighs the bad. Brutus gave himself up as the outcome because of everything he did for his Country, Rome. He killed for his country. He lied to make his country at their highest peek. I think he was great. A patriot, for sure.
Idea Development
Write the body and conclusion of your argument in the space below.

Brutus was in fact a patriot. He did things for the good of his country, so save his country and go down in history has impacting where he is known at ( his country ) There will be those few that believe Brutus was a betrayer because he did some things that weren't so great. Such as killing an
"innocent man" but I believe the things he sacrificed outweigh the horrible person people see him as.
(body paragraph 2 )He murdered his friend, with not a good enough reason. He killed an innocent man who he once considered his friend. They basically believed he wasn't loyal. He was very manipulative. He tried to supposedly get people to think killing his friend to save his country was the only option, all though they believed otherwise

The fact that Brutus sacrificed and took the change of him getting into a huge issue, just to save his country should say something. He did what he had to do in the right manner because it was the solution to saving the country that was falling apart because of the individual (his friend) that he killed. All these things that he did puts him into the category of being a patriot. He wanted to be looked at as somebody that had power, he wanted to be looked up TO within his country, so he took it upon himself to make those sacrifices for the people he was surrounded by.
2. Highlight each part of your body paragraphs as follows:
Green = Claim
Yellow = Counterclaim
Red = Refuted counterclaim
3. Based on your highlighting, what are the areas of your argument that need development?
No development needed within the highlighted area's,
4. Incorporate two direct quotations from the text of Julius Caesar to better support your claim. Paste the examples below.
"Not that I loved Ceaser less, but I loved Rome more."
5. Write sentences that introduce the relevancy of these quotations, and use a colon before each quotation. Paste these sentences below.
Showed how much Brutus cared and admired his country.
6. Paste all of your revised body paragraphs and conclusion in the space below. Bold the transitions. Remember, transitions are used between examples and between examples and explanations.
7. Identify what you have done to create a cohesive argument throughout this essay, especially in your conclusion.
I put details in my claim, convincing the audience that the things he did made him a patriot. My conclusion wrapped it up and made the story short letting the audience know, YES he was a patriot.
Identify three areas where