Mkt 421 Final Marketing Plan And Presentation

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Final Marketing Plan and Presentation
Evette Smith and Jessica Jordan-Tabares
MKT 421
Evelyn Bisenz-Johnson

Strategy & Positioning
Women today encounter extremely busy lives, with responsibilities in all areas. They are wives, daughters, sisters, mothers, and form a big part of the U.S. labor force. According to the Knowledge Center, women made up 46.9% of the labor force in our country. With this fast-pace lifestyle, women want comfort, and comfort is what this Cool Comfort Bra will provide any woman in any size.
It is not easy to find a good bra that will fit the body perfectly. Women constantly have to be measured because bodies change or just simply they want to make sure that they are wearing the right size. This process can be tedious, and still not ensure a proper fit. There are many women who are in-between the standard sizes and either have to wear a bra that is too small or stuff a bra that is too big. Women who have undergone mastectomies or have had reconstructive surgery have difficulty finding the right fit. Also, because the breasts are encased they tend to get hot and uncomfortable and difficult to cool down especially in public. So enters the need for the Cool Comfort Bra. It will provide you freedom to move, security of a perfect fit and a fresh cool feeling. The Cool Comfort Bra will be the newest addition to the Playtex Collections Line. Playtex, which is owned by HanesBrands Inc., contributed to the $2.4 billion net sales of their intimate apparel segment. Playtex has recently launched their “Be Uniquely You” campaign which recognizes that women are individuals and should be celebrated that way. The Cool Comfort Bra epitomizes this thought because it acknowledges that not all women are created the same. The Cool Comfort Bra, the latest edition to the Playtex Collection Line, is about filling in the gaps. The bra uses the traditional bra sizes that women are used to shopping for but with the addition of strategically placed air pockets that can be inflated and deflated by a small pump located discreetly on the front of the bra. This gives women the perfect fit that they long for so they feel secure and snug. Along with the air chambers, there are removable cooling gel liners that provide much needed coolness. This is great for women experiencing menopause or just dealing with warm days.
Playtex is a well renowned brand that has been in business for years. It specializes in catering to women of all shapes and forms. Playtex understands women and their needs, so their product knowledge is priceless. This new product will revolutionize the industry.
Branding will be challenging at the beginning, since this is a brand new product. It will need a complete marketing and media mix including many Public Relations efforts. Playtex will utilize current customer base to start the buzz.

There may be some opportunities with finding corporate partnerships. This new product can be also introduced with medical offices, especially with Chiropractors, Back and Spine Specialists, and Physical Therapists.
In addition, utilizing our digital marketing and sales force, we could increase awareness of this new product in the market. We could approach department stores and offer them this new product for their establishments.
Our competitors will analyze our product and will try to re-create our original. Since we are not totally recovered from the recession in various parts of the country, we are still experiencing economic slow down. It may affect the willingness to spend money and try our product.
The next step is to do a competitive analysis. This empowers and helps solidify the most effective marketing strategies in response to the potential variations in the market place. Porter’s five competitive forces were developed as a framework for diagnosing the business competitive strength and a business position. This famous