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collected. The spheres had a special name, they were called dragon balls. As the legend stated, a person who collects all seven dragon balls will get a wish from an eternal dragon. The eternal dragon was known as “Shenron” the master of all dragons since he had the power to grant any wish to a human being. Once a person collects all seven dragon balls, the sky will turn all dark, lighting will appear, and the dragon will appear or be summoned from the seven dragon balls. However, there was a trick or a special chant that the person had to say in order to summon shenron the master of all dragons to grant the wish the person desires. There is no limit to the wish, however, it has to be within the power of shenron. The legend of the seven dragon balls and about shenron is not known to the public, only few individuals know about the legend. If everyone found out about the legen d of the seven dragoban balls, then the world would become a chaotic place to live, since everyone will be fighing with one another to obtain the dragon balls. People are capable of doing many malicious deeds in order to obtain their desired wish or self fulfillment. However, the shenron the dragon can only grant one wish per year and after the wish has been granted, the dragon balls turn into rocks and spread all over the world, making almost impossible to locate all seven dragon balls. Each dragon ball has its own star depending if it’s the first star ball, seond star ball, etc. but they all have their own set of stars to identify what start dragon ball is still required. Therefore, a genius young women acquires information about the unknowned legend pf the seven dragon balls and how they can grant any wish the person desires. Her name was Bulma. Bulma is the daughter of a famous scientist that created capsules that store infinite amount of objects into one small capsule. Being the daughter of a famous scientist gave her an advantage of inventing a device that can tract all seven dragon balls that are located all over the world. It was hard to develop this device but she managed to successfully master the invention and it actually works. She is trying to find all seven dragon balls for one single purpose; the purpose of finding the perfect boyfriend in the world! Bulma wants to marry the most handsome guy out there, so she is going to ask and request shenron the master of all dragons to grant her the wish of finding the most handsome men and make him fall in love with her. the device that she created is called the dragon radar, since it tracks down the seven DRAGON balls. Bulma is not the only one who is in the search of the seven dragon balls. There is an evil person or to better describe the person, a midget. His name is Pilaf, but he makes his followers call be “emperor Pilaf” since his only goal and wish is to be the emperor of the entire world. He is a selfish person that does not care about anyone else besides himself. Since pilaf is rich and has a lot of money, he orders many scientists to create a device that tracts the seven dragon balls. Unfortunately, the scientists were not able to create a portable dragon radar, such as the device that bulma created. The device that the scientists create for emperor Pilaf required a huge moniter with a lot of databases in order to function correctly. However, neither emperor pilaf nor Bulma know that there are other other in search of the dragon balls. They all believe that they are the only ones. Emperor pilaf has two companions that all follow him around. One is a pretty but violent women and the other is a talking dog. Pilaf treates them as pets since he always command them to do stuff for him. But the followers still aodre him for his leadership skills. As soon as bulma made the final touches on the dragon radar, she set out on a long journey in search of the dragon balls. This journey will be unforgettable since she will meet people in this journer that will change her life completely. So one day, bulma