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An Introduction to Skills Development

The purpose of this skills development unit of work is to enable me to develop the skills which will ultimately make me a better and more-rounded performer. Skills development is a lengthy and time-consuming process which is incredibly effective and can provide a noticeable improvement If carried out accordingly.

Furthermore; it provides the opportunity to record the progression you are making and enables you to revisit any stage of the process at any point to recover the development of a certain skill.

On a personal level, this unit will enable me to explore areas of performing that I would avoid or not usually come across, and will challenge me as a performer in areas that otherwise, I would not usually access. By the end of the unit I should have used the skills development process to improve the skill I decide I need to improve on or will benefit me the most, and should have reached the aims I will outline within the process.

First I must review my performance skills I already have and have gained from past activities I have done. This will give me a clear view of my current skill level and how I can develop it over the next few months, I will be able to target key areas where I am lacking in knowledge or experience and work on them.

Straight Drama - Unit 1
Exploring and developing skills for performance

Before doing Drama in secondary school I did not have a large amount of experience within the arts, but had been interested in performing from the age of 7. In my later school life I took the opportunity to educate myself in the performing arts by taking Drama GCSE. However my vocal abilities when attempting to do accents when performing a certain character I struggled with, so I aspire to increase my level of knowledge and skill in this aspect by the end of the course. I also hope to gain confidence in my acting ability overall so my skills in the acting industry can be maximised.


School Performances

‘The wizard of Oz’ - 2011 (Chorus member)

‘Robin Hood’ - 2008 (Maid Marian)

Primary School shows - (Chorus member)

For GCSE Drama 2011-2013: ’Blood Brothers’ (Adult Mickey) ‘Hard to Swallow’ (Maureen)

‘Unhinged’ (Sarah Kane and Stylised Performers)

Performance outside of school

Stage School (over summer) - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Violet)

Stage School (over summer) - Hairspray (chorus)

Show’s I’ve seen
Les Miserable’s, Hairspray, The Lion King, Mary Poppins, Billy Elliot, Sister Act, Blood Brothers, Mamma Mia, The Woman in Black (x2), The Rocky Horror Picture Show, West Side Story, Sleeping Beauty Ballet, Swan Lake.
Watching these shows has shown me what a professional performer looks and sounds like, giving me something to aspire towards. It has shown me all the elements needed to put on a brilliant show and I hope to see many more over the next two years.

Achievements in Performing Arts:
‘B’ in Blood Brothers (Year 10 - 2012)
‘A*’ in Hard to Swallow (year 11 -2013)
‘A*’ in Unhinged (year 11- 2013)
‘B’ in GCSE written exam (year 11 - 2013)

A* Grade in Drama GCSE (Completed 2013) this shows I have the ability to perform and analyse script to a high standard.

Education outside of School:

During my Primary School Career, I joined a stage school during summer which was held in my primary school. We would go each Thursday and do 3 classes including singing, dancing and acting. As this was a club for younger students it was often very amateur, but this is where I discovered my passion for acting and performing. Through this experience the main benefit was confidence while on stage, learning things such as speaking at the correct pitch and pace. Which I believe to be one of my stronger points in my acting