Drama: Comfort Zone Essay

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Comfort Zone
By Matthew Zhang
The comfort zone is not a terrible thing. When done right, it provides stability and results that you know will be coming. As long as it does not become stale for any of the participants, the oh-so-bad comfort zone, which we’re all meant to step out of at one stage of our lives, is where I would like to stay. But there is the lust for new experiences that is internalized as we grow up and for me; it doesn’t exactly mean to play a role that I could never see myself playing. I could mean that I could broaden my horizon and take more serious roles, not that I’d be bad at them but it’s more to do with my apathy with characters that are sobbing, malcontent or saddening in general. It takes a great deal of context and characterization to make me care about your problems (see: Atonement, A Single Man, 50/50, Girl, Interrupted and The Breakfast Club), so it’s hard for me to convey any of those emotions so I just stay the hell away from those roles. But drama is not a mistress to ignore or to disobey, just like waving a phallic metal rod at the sky will get you struck by lightning one day, walking around with an umbrella will not guarantee safety. Maybe that idiom is not the best way to convey my thoughts but I have a lot of homework to do tonight so I’m editing much less than I should.
I don’t quite agree with what was written on my sheet. The “where the magic happens” disturbs me to a level further than the armpits of hell so instead, I crossed it out and replaced it with “possible gold mine”, a…