Drama: Of Mice and Men and Wife Essay

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Curley's wife character on the other hand is like her husband. Curley's wife uses her beauty to try to attract attention on the ranch from the men; but she gets little of it. In some ways, her 'full rough lips' and use of make-up show that she is concealing a hidden personality, and that this make-up gives her all of the confidence she has. Similarly, Curley is described as wearing boots to (dont know the quote) higher his status on the ranch. Both characters are very similar here in how they use clothes and appearance to boost their status, and actually get attention.

Number two: She represents the theme of loneliness in the novel. She is a lonely character, who in some ways, uses her beauty: 'full roughed lips' to attraction on all male farm, where the men to a great extent are deprived of sex. Although, many of the men pay little attention to her, and Curleys 'glove' which he keeps 'for his wife' is symbolic of how little she means to him. Later in the novel, she gains the attention of one man, Lennie, who has a strong physical figure, but a mind of a child, which links to the contrasting title of the novel, 'Of Mice and Men'. Lennie, like Curleys Wife is lonely, and he has his own American Dream of owning a ranch. Towards the end of the novel both of the characters die with what they enjoy most, and have so longed for. Curleys wife dies knowing that someone has eventually listened to her, and gave her the attention shes crys for so deeply; and Lennie dies with the thought of his own American Dream in his mind.
Steinbeck used her to show the inequality of women and how they were treated in the 1930’s; they had no freedom and were regarded as a possession of men. They often had dreams but they had only one way to secure a reasonable future and that was to get married. They did not enjoy financial independence or any real...
Curley’s wife was used to convey the misery of a woman’s life on a ranch. She was lonely because no one wanted to speak to her or listen to her. She was desperate for attention and someone to like her.
We see that the first time we are introduced to Curley's wife, she is heavily made up; "full, rouged lips", "red fingernails" and "red mules". The colour red symbolises danger and sexiness, and the fact that she is wearing these items creates a sense of foreboding that she will be the cause of George and Lennie's failure to achieve their dream of having their own plot of land
Another symbol is shown by "the rectangle of sunshine in the doorway was cut off". This immediately creates a sense of danger and doom in the reader's mind due to the absence of