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Jessica D. Rodriguez
Nick Garcia
Drama 16
Religion in Theater Throughout history the importance of God, Gods, and religion has been evident in theater. From the beginning of humanity belief in a higher power has been passed down from every generation, race, culture. Monotheism is the belief in one God, and polytheism is the belief in many Gods. Who is to know if these “religions” are even true. We don’t have proof of any of Greek stories of powerful Gods ruling and doing cruel things to humans. Just like we don’t have evidence the God created us, and that he sent his son down to save our souls. Today in the world so many bad things happen it’s hard to believe there is a God. But the people of the world need religion, for hope, they need to have faith in something. The unimaginable stories and plays of great Gods, of Jesus Christ saving souls, of the average man receiving blessings throughout his life, of a hero of goodness overcoming evil. Odysseus was a nobel king who was blessed by the Gods to be able to return home to his kingdom and family after his life threatening journey. Hundreds of years later Catholic church rebirthed theater to the public to educate and draw in believers. Even in the 2000’s religion and the belief in God is present in theater, in movies like Bruce Almighty an average joe gets the chance to live the life of God and learns a valuable life lesson to appreciate what he already has. A higher power is and always has been present in theater to spread religion, education, and fear. From the beginning of time Gods, and religion has been in theater. Greek mythology stories, beliefs, and plays have survived through centuries and have made the biggest impact on theater and literature. Stories of the Gods, and ancient heroes are taught, acted out, and copied in present day. People in power in Greece so long ago created these stories of all powerful Gods to entertain themselves and strike fear into the public. These plays were performed in the heart of Greece, Athens. These plays were so popular there were holidays and contests based around them. People from all over would come to watch and receive catharsis or cleansing of one’s soul. The plays, three tragedies and one comedy, were meant to rid people of pride. The reveals the lesson of the hero doing good things and being blessed, or someone being cursed from the start to suffer. The Stories of Greek Gods define them as cruel, they bless their people when they feel like it besides that they are ruthless. People of this time must have been so scared of what their Gods could do they would strive to be right and just. Odyssey is the story of Odysseus’ struggles to get home from the Trojan war. Odysseus is the king of Ithica and is a war hero. Suitors overrun his kingdom and try to court his wife. He had traveled through the land of the lotus eaters, he battled a Cyclops named to Polythemus, had an affair with a which-goddess named Circe, and tempted by the sirens. He also had to consult the prophet Tiesias, battle a sea monster Scylla and was still determined to get home to his family and life. On top of all his obstacles, he was imprisoned on Ogygia the island of the beautiful nymph Calypso who was deeply in love with him. Zues sees Odysseus’ struggles and sends Hermes to convince Calypso to let Odysseus build a raft to leave. But when Odysseus sets sail, Posedion sends a storm to wreck his raft. The God was possessed with rage because Oysseus blinded his son Polthemus. Athena rescues him and brings him to Scheria. Where he meets the king and queen and is recognized and is taken home. Athena disguises him as a beggar and he find his swineherd, and makes a plan with Telemachus to massacre the suitors and regain control. The suitors abuse and insult Odysseus when he enters the palace because they think he is a beggar. Penelope suspected the beggar to be Odysseus so she asks all suitors to shoot her husband’s bow and fire through twelve axes. The