Essay on Dream Deference

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Dreams are not something we should give up on. The only time that we should give up on a dream is if we either lose absolute interest in pursuing it or if we find ourselves so bent on pursuing another dream that said interest outshines whatever passion we ever had originally. Our dreams can change, but all that truly matters is that we stay with them, no matter how they may alter. Dreams are the bane of the existence of everything everyone will ever achieve. Whether one inherits a fortune (thriving off of the success of another’s dream) or gets their ideal job that they’ve always hoped for (following their own dream) , dreams are the key to our prosperity. I have had lots of dreams in the past and I have given up on a lot of them. Dreams can change, and they changed for me the most throughout my childhood. When I was a young child, I dreamt of the day that I would be an astronaut. For years all I ever wanted to be in life was an astronaut. That was my first dream. However, I always despised mathematics. I loved going to school and learning new things but I had no care for mathematics whatsoever. I would dominate in subjects like English, history, and civics, but math was always something I struggled with. One day my father told me that the majority of astronauts spend their career doing nothing but math and that was the day that I abandoned a dream for the first time. Knowing that the most essential part of reaching my dream was to spend my life doing the one thing I