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Chapter 1
Dream dimension
I was called Naaksum; I was always in to science, so I went to Dr.David Lincoln and he was too busy building and designing his electro mega futon 2000. I asked that’s too long for a name and he answered “Ahhh but It is not long to say” You’re a genius my friends were there that time two of them in fact one is Amy and the other Cameron that’s what their names were obviously,
“BANG” the last piece was connected and I was vaporized in thin air in another dimension the doctor then said to my friends go to the future and get her back! Or you’ll never see her again but beware there are many puzzles to get to her.
There they met me and was wondering how to get back. In the future they were at a school called croco moat crocommunity
College they then started to hide from hideous beasts that were lurking around the school. The school was full of crocodiles partly man that can talk! We’ve been running around like a bunch of chickens
Then we saw little tubes the crocodiles were sucked into them
Then I realised they were little vortex we all went in one but we have to choose wisely so we went in to the smallest of all. We ended up inside the school’s hall.

We were lost and we were then being chased by a whole gang of crocodiles. Thank god there was a lift by god’s grace I walked to the lift then something weird happened when I touched it the lift broke and fallen down. I quickly ran to the stair case and slid down but I fallen down, I held on nearly falling as the crocks came towards me, I looked down and there was sacks of pillows and I let go and fallen down on a soft spot. My friends then came and the king of the crocks transformed in to a handsome man and my friends started perving at him that pervert I felt sick, I took them and ran away then I looked at a painting it was a crocodile party at a dining room, I took the painting and at the back do not pick something will appear and will make you sick do not go in to the room next door “the room of doom” “the stake of lake”. I thought and I thought and I remembered there was a mini fountain in the same room I looked towards it was full of crawladiles it filled the room , it filled until the whole room was covered bugs came in to my mouth and it was “NASTY”. It was like a quick sand , we went through and we found a lake and that lake was full of dead humans really humans and it was not fair why was the crock killing the humans then a flash of light came , a man in a suit came I thought it was the king so I went and kick him in the middle part and he fallen down and I realised it was dr.Lincoln so I picked him up and we had to jump in the ship my friends jumped in, I jumped as well but the king took me and doctor vaporized me in to another dimension.

Chapter 2
Three headed vengeance

I was lost in the world of terror; it was like as if the underworld is being risen simultaneously taking away life, yes this is the world of woodcharn.
Suddenly, a man shouted “C.P.R C.P.R C.P.R HELP!”
I ran quickly enough not to let the mystery person die. I was like a thunder of lightening but when I got there the child was dead; I prayed to god and said amen I looked at the child, felt its pulse going down, I quickly done C.P.R and pumping her chest I left her and felt her pulse high and she opened her eyes and breathed heavily at that time water came out of her mouth I thought that she drowned I asked the father and he said yes.
She cried” thank you” and the father said “thank you for saving my daughter is there anything we can do for you” I said I just wish I can go to my world earth the father said I can’t do that but I can give you this it is called the cloak of invisibility so death cannot see you”
The race to the magorges begins now that I have the cloak of invisibility.
All I need now is the sky