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My Dream theory Analysis According to Sigmund Freud a dream is an unconscious wish fulfillment.
Every dream has an underlying message to things that are connected with or conscious problems or wishes.
On my first night I dream that I was driving my four wheeler back home. Home is a desert, so I was just riding and it was peaceful. The day was coming to end it was a maybe a little after sunset, but the further I was going I became more frightened. When I tried to turn around I only found myself back in the direction I was going in. Then I woke up. From my research I gathered the meaning behind my dream. Deserts are also symbolic of barrenness, loneliness and feelings of isolation and hopelessness. The time of day I was four­wheeling
Indicates that I’m unsure of where I’m headed in life. I’m experiencing obstacles toward my goals. I don’t want to see what is ahead or I’m afraid to confront certain issues. And I may be feeling apprehensive about the future. To see something far away in your dream suggests that you are feeling emotionally distant from that object.
The interpreted dream is on point. Lately I’ve been sort of scared for the future I guess.
All of a sudden I turn seventeen and the responsibility and choices I have to make to set my future seem impossible. I’ve isolated myself from my family and friends as well and the dream helped me realize that I’ve done so. Seeing home become further connects with my feelings about the past and my home obviously. I do miss home but at the same time I don’t. I think I miss it though because everything was so much easier, I was still young enough not to worry about college and careers and I was still a kid. So basically I’m afraid of what lies ahead in my future. The second night my dream was about living in an unknown place but friends and family from New Mexico and Colorado were both living there too. At the moment it didn’t see weird but now I think about it is. Anyway, I was hanging out with friends at home and all of a sudden I felt as if I lost something so I was looking but I didn’t know what I was looking for. I felt scared, scared I might never find it. As I was looking I noticed I wasn’t in the same place, I had no idea where I was. An old man approached me and started talking nonsense about a dead flower and how it could have been so beautiful. In the dream dictionary to see friends in your dream signify aspects of your personality that you have rejected, but are ready to incorporate and acknowledge, or to see friends from your past in your dream points to your desire to reconnect with a part of yourself that you have lost touch with. To dream that you are lost suggests that you have lost your direction in life or that you have lost sight of your goals, losing things in your dream suggests lost opportunities, past relationships or forgotten aspects of yourself. The old man symbolizes wisdom, advice, and knowledge. Dead flowers in a dream denotes disappointments and gloomy situations, it could indicate that you may not be utilizing your full potential and talents and letting it go to waste. This dream has opened my mind to see myself in a different way. Lately I have felt different, more isolated and quiet. I’ve noticed these changes but didn’t realize I was missing my old self .Everything