Reasons For Voting For Barack Obama

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During this election I will be voting for Barack Obama. This is my first time voting and I think that Barack Obama is the best candidate. There are many reasons why I will be voting for him, some of the reasons are the following, education, healthcare and transportation. These are some of the things Mitt Romney is willing to change in a negative way. These issues will affect the United States and I will discuss more about it below. The first reason I will be voting for Barack Obama is education. Barack Obama made a lot of illegal immigrants dream come true with the “Dream Act”. This allows them to keep studying and be somebody in America even though their illegal. Out of all the presidents Barack Obama has been the only president that took action for illegal people. I think it’s fair to them because most of them have been here their whole life and it’s not their fault they came here illegally. Also, we should all be able to afford college through financial aid, scholarships, loans etc. and Mitt Romney’s best advice is for parents to let us borrow money and Barack Obama is not going to let that happen. Secondly, one main reason Barack Obama is getting my vote is because Mitt Romney wants to cut off healthcare. Healthcare helps billions of people with disabilities, diseases, etc. Many can’t afford medical assistance especially seniors and families that have children and are getting paid minimum wage so Mitt Romney should consider cutting off healthcare benefits for people that need it. Healthcare helps people economically in the fact that it helps them save money for other types of emergencies. Mitt Romney can’t just let people die because they can’t afford to go to a doctor. We are in America we should all be able to afford medical assistance. Lastly, transportation is an important benefit to