Dreamcatcher: Novel and Mr. Gray Essay

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The title to the novel is Dreamcatcher, the author is Stephen King. The publishing company is Simon & Schuster. The copyright date is 2001 by Stephen King. The genre is Fiction. One of the settings of this book is Derry, Maine. The Hole in the Wall is another. Gosselin’s Market is where the army camp was held. Jefferson Tract is the last. The rest were minor to the novel.
The time period does not really matter in this novel. This is set back in the 1980’s until 2000. In the novel there are aliens involved, therefore one might think that it should be in the future. But this novel is set in the past. Jonesy is dynamic, he goes from being Jonesy to Mr. Gray. Henry is dynamic; he changes a lot emotionally during the novel. Beaver is static, he never gets much of a chance to change, and he is the first of the group to die. Pete is static also. Carla is dynamic; she gets over her addiction to alcohol and pills. McCarthy is static. Kurtz is dynamic, in the beginning he has control and authority but in the end he doesn’t. Perlmutter is dynamic, he is a “goody two shoes” in the beginning but in the end he ends up rude, and he dies. Freddy is dynamic, in the beginning he is loyal to Kurtz, but in the end he is the one who kills Kurtz. The plot is definitely Dis-jointed; the characters are always having flashbacks. Jonesy, Beaver, Henry, and Pete are all childhood friends, including Duddits. Every year Jonesy, and the other three go on an annual trip to The Hole in the Wall. This is Beaver’s Dad’s old place. As Jonesy is hunting one day he finds McCarthy. He brings him to the Hole in the Wall. Henry and Pete are still gone, supposedly going to Gosselin’s. Beaver comes in later and they both start to notice that McCarthy is sick. The two men get McCarthy to lie down. While on the other hand Henry and Pete have crashed because of a lady just like McCarthy sitting in the middle of the road. Pete has an injured knee and Henry has a gash caused by the turn signal stalk. Pete and Henry drag the lady to a near wood shed that has collapsed in halfway. Henry then sets off towards The Hole in the Wall. While there, at The Hole in the Wall, McCarthy has went to the bathroom.
Beaver and Jonesy bust the door down and there is blood everywhere. McCarthy is dead. But that is the least of their problems, there is something in the toilet. The thing in the toilet must have caused McCarthy’s sickness. Jonesy orders Beaver to sit on the toilet and he does as told. Jonesy then goes to get the friction tape out of the shed to tape down the toilet lid. As Jonesy is gone Beaver leans up off the toilet for a second just to pick a toothpick up of the floor, one that isn’t covered in blood or that weird reddish gold fungus (Beaver has to have a toothpick in his mouth when he is nervous).
When Jonesy comes back from the shed he finds his childhood friend, dead, in the bathtub with McCarthy (who had fallen over). The mutant, whatever it was, it had a long muscular tail and on the things assumed head is a huge black eye. Jonesy slams the door and is trying to hold the door closed but the thing has its teeth sunk into the wood, holding on with its teeth and gripping the door knob with its tail. When Jonesy finally turns around there is Mr. Gray. Mr. Gray explodes and Jonesy inhales the Byrus. When Henry is getting close he sees Jonesy on the Cat coming his way so he hides. Henry fears him because Jonesy is now Mr. Gray, Jonesy is a red black cloud.
After Jonesy has passed Henry starts walking again and soon makes it to The Hole in the Wall. A little while after Henry leaves Pete wants a beer, but in his mind he needs it. So by the time Jonesy had passed Henry, Pete had already been to the turned over vehicle and was back with the creepy lady. Except, she was dead, and whatever was inside her was creeping around. It attacked Pete’s hand and Byrus was growing rapidly in his hand and on it. He was infected now. Pete managed to throw the thing into the