Dreams: Adoption and Cyf Essay

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Child, Youth and Family (Cyf ) I choose this topic because it's sad how parent's leave their children/child abandon or hurt their children by neglecting or abusing them. My questions are:How does the adoption process work?,What will Cyf do to help for the parent who wants to adopt?and how to contact the Cyf ? How does the adoption process work?
On the Cyf website it says “that all they try to do is find the right family for the child”.First you have to give all the information about yourself like police, medical and referee reports then you fill out the application form and attend to an education course on adoption followed by a social worker interviews to assess your suitability to become an adoptive parent. From the book critical thinking perspectives say they help the birth parents find, adopted children, and adoptive parents evaluate their situations and choices realistically,make decisions and cope with issues.

What will Cyf do to help the parents who want to adopt?
The parents can attend Cyf's training and apply to be a foster carer. Trained social workers will help you through the process and see weather or not foster care is right for you then they will help you apply to the family court. A social supporter will answer any of you questions or concerns and offer for some advise. Cyf will pay to agreed legal costs and you can choose your own lawyer to go through the legal process. Cyf will give you the three year support package includes $2500 for children , needs , opportunities , education and other interests. A baby care pack for under two year olds and keep you in contact with a social support…