Dreams: Debut Albums and Professional Athlete Essay

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Career Dreams
If I can have any job or career it would be a player in the National Basketball Association (NBA). I am good role model because I motivate my students and encourage students to never give up on their dreams.
As NBA athlete, I motivate students by setting a good example. For instance, by giving back to the community as athlete I will never forget where I came from, a little city called Gautier. I donated my first NBA check to the community to build city parks, so the kids could stay off the streets, and improve their social life. The city also built boys and girls clubs so they can tutor kids and kept them out of trouble.
The reason that I became a professional athlete was because of my tenth grade year of high school. The varsity basketball coach came up to me and said,” I see a lot of potential in you”. I was very excited so every day after practice. I went to the park to improve my skills in basketball. Months went by, and my coach realized how dedicated I was and he was impressed. I was inspired by my coach because I can see how he was committed to us.
My dream was to become a professional athlete, but I gave up on it by my ninth grade year. Thankful, my coach didn’t give up on me. I was dedicated to my craft because I just know I make it to the league. Therefore, I saw that he believe in me, and it drive me to fulfill my dream. I practiced my basketball skills, day and night to be and the NBA this every day. Furthermore, to all the young