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Dreams I grew up in a small town in Michigan. Born and raised here. My mom took care of my brother
And I and since I was the oldest, I helped my mom ever since I was 9. My brother and I had different personalities. He liked playing football, I liked reading. He liked hanging out with friends, I liked writing stories. We never did have anything in common so I usually just stayed in my room. School was difficult. i’m not really the person to talk to anybody or ask anybody for help or ask questions. I’m usually the one in the back of the class, not saying a word, being patient and listening to the teacher like any normal person would, but, they see me as not “Normal”. I go to the counselor every day after lunch. It’s not mandatory, I just like going. But today was different. I saw a girl. A girl with long silky brown hair. As I was sitting, waiting to go in the office, I saw her standing there talking to the counselor. She was wearing a plain tan skirt and a fleece collar blouse. She turned around and that’s when I saw her mint green eyes that sparkled in the gleaming sun that peered in through the blinds. I don’t think she noticed me but I sure noticed her. I hate saying something so cliché but she took my breath away. I quickly realized it was my turn so I grabbed my bag and sped down to the office which had her raspberry scent locked in the room as the counselor shut the door.

The next day, I was sort of anxious to go to counseling. What if I saw her again? Would I talk to her?
Would she notice me? Nope, because like everybody else, I’m just a shadow, more like invisible to everyone. I didn’t see her which made me a little disappointed. I didn’t know her name or anything but I desired to figure out who she was. Apparently it was fate because she got transferred to one of my