Essay Dreams: Nightmare and Enjoyable Dreams

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Dreams are mysterious, amazing, eye-opening and sometimes a nightmarish hell. Unpleasant as they may be, nightmares are an essential part of dreaming. While our more enjoyable dreams are created by wishes and desires, nightmares are a result of other feelings like stress and anxiety. However, like many dreams, nightmares are not as straight forward as they seem. Today, I will be discussing many different types of common nightmares.
One common nightmare is the occurrence of a natural or manmade disaster. Usually, a catastrophe dream relates to feelings of disaster in your waking life. You might feel as though you cannot survive whatever dilemma you're currently challenged with.
Another one common among students are dreams about performing poorly in a test. Failing an exam in your dreams reflects your waking life concerns about how deserving you are for the things you have achieved in life. If you were to go back and receive an evaluation of all your past deeds, would you be satisfied with the results? If you would be satisfied, but you feel the grade you received on your dream-exam was unfounded or incorrect, your dream might be suggesting your feelings of doubted or denied recognition for something you've accomplished.
One of the most distressing of nightmares is suffering an injury, illness or death. It is stressful when we're reminded of that chilling old rumor that claims "if you die in your dreams, you will also die in your sleep." Don't worry, plenty of people have had these dreams and have lived to tell the tale. While dwelling on death can seem very harmful, in dreams, it can actually signify a change or new beginning. Death can represent the end of a certain stage in life which isn't necessarily a bad thing.
One of the most frightening of these nightmares is being chased or attacked. To be chased or attacked by something or someone…