Dreamy Vs Artistic Minded

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I remember a few years back had a friend tell me about her dreams and goals. I looked at her and said to myself “what! Are you serious! I remember her goals being so unrealistic. I was young then but I still remember being able to tell the difference between those with the business and realistic mind to those that are just dreamy and artistic minded. The difference is quite simple actually. That business mind in comparison to the dreamy, have goals that are easier to be accomplished. They can be long term goals but they’re still very accomplishable. There are both kind of people in this world and they are very much needed. Determining which one I am is not as easy as I thought.
Have you ever heard someone tell you that goals become dreams when they’re not achievable? That’s what happens to the goals of those who are dreamy. When you take a dreamy and artistic minded person and compare it to a business minded and realistic person you will notice that their goals are much different. Realistic people live life in the world of now. They weigh their losses and gains from the decisions they make every day. All meanwhile a dreamy and artistic mind is more focused on enjoying life. Most of the time they have hopes that are seemingly impossible. Sometimes human natural elements intercept in the steps in which are involved to make that goal come true, but dreamy people don’t take into account and still go on having the same goal.
Even though there’s a big difference between the minds sets both people are very enjoyable. Having different mind sets balances the world out. There are a million different jobs out there some that people are not willing to take. Yet there will always be someone else who would take it. For example if a business minded person is more into the most beneficial job, for example law firm or management then there’s going to be jobs like artists and musicians. Those jobs are left for the dreamy and artistic minded people. There’s not a guarantee that you will become an artist but you still hope for it. With a business mind you can always work harder to achieve the goal.
As I’m finishing up my last two high school years I have, my mind set has evolved into a business minded person. However, I still have a part of me that is on that dreamy mind set. I’m always up for focusing on my future and getting me far. Yet sometimes I don’t think of the possible elements that may get in my way. Sometimes I just think that everything is so easily accomplished that I don’t realize what I really have to go