Dred Scott Monologue

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Dred Scott As I’m running through the woods, I Dred Scott, being pursued by farmers and slave masters, only with my fear of being caught. I find an old shed and hide in it, waiting for the farmers to run past. I waited for an hour and then I got up and out of the shed and started my way towards the North. Later, I past the border between the North side of America from the South side of the border. I wandered into a small town, hoping nobody was still after me. Before I left my master I took a few coins. I went to the little tavern at the corner of a street and they had food. When I approached the front of the tavern, an old man was sitting outside on his rocking chair. I asked “Do you have any food?” The old man stopped rocking on his chair, …show more content…
“Who are you suppose to be?” a little confused a man was waiting for me and was not mad or angry.
“I am your lawyer, Duncan Phillips, and I’m going to help you become a free man,” he said, this time with a small grin on his face.
“But why are you helping me? I don’t even know you,” I wondered.
“Well… I am being paid, but I also think slavery is a very harsh and wrong thing just because the difference in our skin. I think we could all live without it and with it, it makes us very lazy people, well, the slave masters.” the man said with hatred in his eyes, I guess for the slave masters.
I was, at first, shocked that a white man cared for a black man like me and after a while I realized I left us in silence, so I said “I couldn’t agree more.”
After a while, a big man walked in the room and sat at the big desk in the middle of the front of the room. I pointed and asked “Who is he?” to no one in particular.
“That’s the judge,” the lawyer said, “He will determine whether you’re guilty or innocent.”
“Oh, okay,” I said, understanding how this was all going to work out, “By the way, what’s your