Dress and Personality Essay

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The issue at hand is whether one person's dress can indicate his or her personality. It is difficult to judge because there are many kinds for people and it is hard to define. However, personally, I agree that the dress style of a person is a good sign of his or her character and personality.
First of all, it is the way person dressed that function as an indicator to know one's character. Namely, people may wear different dress according to their jobs. What is more, the job and the major in most cases are related to their personality. For example, in Taiwan, students from different department may have different dress style. A girl student who majors in literature may wear suit and high heels due to their shyness, whereas girl who major in the science department wears blue jeans and sneakers. This might because girls who chose the science major are quite boys-like. Maybe students who are busy on the research don not have interests to make up. Most of them do not like things that belie their true disposition. Normally, I gain all of my friends from judging their clothes in the first sight and I can see if she or he will get on me well. I still remember that when I first meet my best friend Anny in my cram school, she wore a blue jeans and a T-shirt. That time, that time, I am pretty sure that we are just about the same kind of people. Then it turns out to be correct. We are out-going and easy to get along with. And we are still best friends now. Therefore, I think that it is the way people dressed that can indicate people's