Dress Code Rules In Schools

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Schools have been coming up with rules about how we are supposed to dress, and what is appropriate. There are reasonable explanations for this rule, but some of these are not needed. Rules are meant to keep everyone in line and they’re doing that, the problem is that some people don’t follow the rules. As a school we either need to enforce the dress code rules or have different rules. Improving some of the rules could make kids have a better education, showing up to school more, and finding shorts and clothing that fit the dress code. Most girls wear Nike and Under Armour track shorts and they are considered against the rules. Buying shorts is sometimes difficult because the length that is enforced in the policy can either be uncomfortable or just too big. Abbie, a 5 foot 10 inch student, agrees that since she has long legs and arms, that if she buys the shorts that meet the rule than they are too big around the waist. Also, if someone has been sent home for disobeying a rule, it can take focus away from education. 80% of the students I surveyed say that clothes are not a distraction to their education. We should improve the policy about shorts because if we keep this rule parents and students may get frustrated about this rule. …show more content…
This rule hasn’t been followed as often as other rules have been. Most of the girls in junior high and high school wear tights with shirts that do not cover their butt. Cape Cod Regional Technical High school has a rule restricting yoga pants and tights. If their shirt doesn’t cover their butt they should be told to change. This rule needs to have the most attention drawn to it because some people break this rule a little bit and we allow it. Which then leads to people taking it to far. Tights and yoga pants should be worn if it is appropriate with the dress code and the