Essay on Dress Code Violations

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Student Favoritism: Dress Code I see it every day. Girls who wear skirts or shorts that practically show their butts, shirts that are too low, and even hats being worn in the buildings. It makes me wonder how people get away with violating dress code so drastically when I can barely get away with wearing capris.
Summer may be coming to an end, but the hot days continue. During the colder weeks, students didn’t have to worry about the hot weather since they could just layer up with jackets and long pants. But now that the heat continues after a short summer, students are trying to stay cool without getting detention. This may not be the case for all students though. Currently there is a rule that states, “shorts, skirts or dresses are to be mid-thigh standing AND sitting.” Nowadays, clothing stores don’t exactly carry shorts or skirts that follow most school dress codes. So finding a decent pair of bottoms is really frustrating. However, there are plenty of girls who have gotten away with this. Many students argue that there is a lot of favoritism involved with those who have gotten “caught” and those who haven’t. Shouldn’t we ALL try our best to just follow these dress codes? Students who break the dress code have to stay in the school office until a change of clothes is received. But how do we know if anyone is available to bring the student a change of clothes? And how do we know if they are telling the truth or not? Are we to punish them for not having extra clothing or someone at home to go out of their own way to bring clothes to their child?
I understand that creating relationships with students are important, but if the teachers are getting too caught up in the moment and giving special treatment to certain students, don’t you think this is going to cause controversies