Dress Codes In Schools Essay

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Dress codes have always been a concerning issue in schools. Many feel that without a dress code, there could be a negative and distracting environment in schools. The biggest form of dress code are uniforms. However there is also regulating what is appropriate and not appropriate to wear. Uniforms are the easiest form of dress code for schools. Although it may be the easiest, that doesn’t necessarily mean it might be the most cost effective. Most schools wouldn’t want to waste money on uniforms when it could go to better uses. Instead, buying new computers or smart boards would be for the best. Interactive learning would be more beneficial then some uncomfortable clothes that would be more distracting than helpful. They could also demand …show more content…
Girls are more likely to get scolded than boys, because what they are wearing is too sexual for school. Dress codes have been implemented in order to maintain a positive learning environment for all students. In other words, as long as a dress code is in place in schools, students are able to receive a better education. Dress codes are extremely biased towards females, because they are told what to wear at an earlier age than males. They are told that they are a distraction to males in the classroom setting from the time that they hit puberty, which is, on average, at the age of 12 or so. Due to that fact that the girl’s body parts may be distracting towards male students, girls are not allowed to wear certain clothes. Apparently, the female body is the reason that males are unable to concentrate in the classroom setting. As always, female fashion is constantly changing with the wind. The way that young women dress has changed drastically, even in the past decade. In the 2000s there were fashion trends such as halter tops, ripped jeans, and even bell-bottoms. Even then, dress code policies were strict on females. If they had excessive holes in their jeans, it was considered violating the dress code policies for showing “too much skin.” We transitioned to the 2010s, and fashion trends changed have as well. This transition of clothing consisted of tighter pants, shorter shorts, and what were considered more revealing shirts.