Dress Codes Persuasive Speech

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Dress codes were originally for jobs such as lawyers, office workers, officers, and almost every other job in the world. This was to ensure that people would focus on what their main priority, work, so they do not seem to see what everyone else is wearing. In schools, it was originally okay to wear whatever you like if there was nothing provocative on the t-shirts. Most schools then thought that enforcing school dress codes would make schools a safer environment. This is true because as years have gone by, the world has become a more dangerous place and kids are so influenced on things easily, good or bad. This will make sure that no students are hiding anything to danger anyone or themselves.
Most people and schools think enforcing school dress codes would make a safer environment in school because throughout the years, gangs have been becoming more and more popular throughout the country and a lot of teenagers who are part of these gangs want to represent the colors so they try to wear a bandana
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With school dress codes, this will help the students not have any violence between rival gangs because you will not know who is in