Dress Shirt and Peter Pan Essay

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Charter School Uniform Policy

Polo Navy or white short or long sleeve (100% cotton or polycotton) shirt All shirts MUST be monogrammed with school approved logo.
Gold logo on navy shirts or navy logo on white shirts.
White short or long sleeve button down.
Solid white Peter Pan collared shirts or white Peter Pan collared shirts with collar trimmed in navy blue are allowed for girls. Their initials in navy are allowed, if desired, on the student’s left side of the Peter Pan collar.
May not wear long sleeved shirt under a short sleeve shirt.

Oxford Oxford white short or long sleeve with or without Peter Pan collar *All shirts must be tucked in!
*No designer logos are allowed on any uniform clothing, such as polo horse or Abercrombie symbol.

PANTS/SHORTS Khaki or Navy trousers or shorts with belt loops Approved plaid walking shorts Shorts must be no shorter than 2” above the knee Belts are required

SKIRTS/JUMPERS Approved plaid or khaki Drop-waist pleated uniform skirt, skort, or jumper
& SKORTS Skirts , skorts, and jumpers may be no shorter than 2“above the knee.
KMS has school approved plaid skirts, skorts, jumpers, but plaid is NOT required. Jumpers must have school logo monogrammed on them, and girls may wear the polo style shirt under the jumper or the Peter Pan collared shirt under it.

ALL MONOGRAMMING ON THE SHIRTS AND JUMPERS MUST BE ON THE PERSON WEARING THE GARMENT’S LEFT. The monogram must be the designated, trademarked school logo. All elementary girls must wear bloomers or shorts under their skirt, skorts, & jumpers.

SWEATSHIRTS/HOODIES Crew neck long sleeved Navy or Gray school logo sweatshirts A collared shirt must be worn under all sweatshirts.

*No designer logos are allowed. Hoods may not be worn in the building.

SWEATERS Navy sweaters. *No designer logos.

COATS Any long sleeve coat that buttons or zips all the way down. Coats cannot be worn inside the school