Dressler S Syndrome Essay

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Dressler’s syndrome Brenda Awuah

What exactly is this?
 It’s

the inflammation of the pericardial sac that can follow any type of injury to the heart such as a heart attack or cardiac surgery What is this? o Scientific name: o o

Post-pericardiotomy pericarditis

Common names: o Post-cardiac injury syndrome


Post-myocardial infraction syndrome


The symptoms of this syndrome are similar to those of a heart attack 

Symptoms include:

Chest pain


Rapid/Irregular heartbeat




Extreme weakness


Symptoms of this syndrome appear weeks to months after a heart attack or other heart injury

How do you get it?

The inflammation that comes with Dressler is believed to be an immune system response following damage to the heart. They body reacts to the injures area as it would to any injury of the body by sending immune cells and antibodies to clean up the injury are. Sometimes this response causes inflammation

Who can get it?

People who have suffered a heart attack or another serious heart injury Diagnostic methods

Listening to the heart


If the doctor hears a high-pitched ,scratchy sound called a friction rub your heart is inflamed
A test that enables the doctor to see if fluid is collecting around the heart

Chest x-ray

This can help detect fluid building up around the heart or lungs that can help exclude other causes of your symptoms 

Blood tests

The results can indicate…