Drew: Tell and Kassandra Gallegos B .3 Essay

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Kassandra Gallegos
B.3 – External: Unit 1: Personal Narrative Writing Assignment
Drew Howard Every New Years, Frye’s Skating Rink has this thing called all night skate, where you skate from 7pm to 7am. Every year me and all of my friends went, it was “the thing” to do back then. One year in particular was my favorite, 2009 to be exact. It was the night I met the person I’ll be spending the rest of my life with. My friend Devin was there who I had known since the beginning of middle school, so it wasn’t a surprise that I was looking for him when I heard he was there. Devin was a dancer, and a good one at that. He had a group called Slide Five which consisted of him and four other people, Ruben, Alex, Bailey, and Drew. Out of all of them, Drew was the most popular, or the “bad boy” out of the group. To me, he was the cutest. I was in line at concessions, buying Skittles, when I saw Devin sitting at a table with everyone from Slide Five. By the time I got my Skittles and made my way over there, the only two people left at the table was Devin and Drew. I gave Devin a hug, and sat down, opened my Skittles and started to eat them. Skittles are my favorite candy. Now Devin had always liked me, so he was pretty upset when Drew moved himself to be sitting beside me and asked for some Skittles. Of course I never in a million years thought I would be Drew’s type, so I decided to pretend like he didn’t interest me, I told him that he couldn’t have any, and gave him a little smile. He laughed. When I looked back up at him, to say something smart back, he noticed that I was wearing colored contacts. He asked me if they were my real eyes, and once I told him no, he told me that my natural eyes were too beautiful to cover up. It made my heart melt to hear him compliment me. I mean hello, Drew Howard was noticing and paying attention to me. But I put on a fake smirk and acted like I didn’t care what he said. It came time for Slide Five to dance in the middle of the rink, right before the bell dropped, so I went and sat on a bench to watch. While I was sitting there, my friend Delanie comes over to let me know that she saw me talking to Drew, and congratulate me on how lucky I was to get to speak to him. If you can’t tell, every girl in my grade had a crush on him. I let her know that I was playing hard to get, and that’s what got his attention. Drew and I spent most of the rest of the night together, getting to know each other a little better, laughing and cracking jokes. It was almost time to go, and he asked for my number, and…