Drill Or Not To Drill

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To Drill or Not to Drill?

The issue is if we should still use nonrenewable resources to make products and energy. Nonrenewable energy was created by plants and animals years ago. We have been using nonrenewable sources since ancient times. It has given millions of people jobs to support their families. I do not think these sources should be replaced until all jobs are replaced. Many people in the world solely rely on these nonrenewable products. Nonrenewable resources have shaped this country and transformed many companies into multimillion dollar companies. Cars, trains, and planes rely on natural resources to transport them their destinations. I think even though coal is only used for 49% of things in the United States; it is still an important resource for this country. Coal and petroleum has given many people jobs over the years. People put their lives at risk to give us these natural resources. I live in West Virginia where using and mining coal is supported. I do support natural resources and keeping jobs that provide us these resources. Most people are getting laid off from these jobs because the coal mining industry is going down. If all jobs were replaced with renewable energy jobs; I would be for renewable energy.
I think the perpetual block that hinders my decision is I was raised in a state where we support coal and natural resources. My grandfathers and my husband’s grandfathers and family work in the underground coal mines. This has