Drilling Alaska Essay

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My position on weather to drill or not to drill would be not to drill. I have a few reasons why we should not drill and the major reason is our ecosystem. We will put species in danger of their own environment and they have no control over the situation. Obama gave Shell the ok to drill, but if you look at his leadership for our country and where he has got us, there’s not much to be proud of. Drilling for oil has weaken our glaciers, which leads to more man made issues for the sea life. Reception to change is one habit that hinders thinking when it comes to the drilling. I feel there is no need to change our resources that we cannot recreate because they are mother natures creations. Rejecting the idea without thinking it through all the way does close out other important ideas that come to mind about this topic. When you feel strong about topic, being one sided can take away from the positive outlook on drilling. It pushes your mind from thinking about what can be good for us. For example drilling our own oil will cut down the cost of importing goods, as well as depending on other countries. Reception to change can take over our mind when defending our view on a topic. Face saving or “defense mechanism” hinders our thinking when being bias on a subject. When taking sides on such a strong topic, as drilling defending our image is so important it gets in the way of our thinking. Our pride gets in the way and makes it that much more difficult to overcome our view on