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Drinking age If we are hereby to vote for age 18 as a legal drinking age how would you respond; will it be yes or no, I prefer to go with yes besides some might offer a dreadful advice to oppose my judgment but how do we know if it was yes or it should not be. Many of the 50 U.S states have their minimum drinking age set at 21. Who says it is right, though? If one is 18 years or older they are considered to be an adult according to the constitution of United States. Turning 18 allowed people to take all the decision of their life, why not alcohol consumption? Once someone turn 18 they are allowed to vote, smoke cigarettes, get married, go to juries, go to military and sacrifices their life for the welfare of the nation but they cannot consume alcohol. “Does this sound fair?” The legal drinking age in all 50 states should be lowered to 18. When the argument or discussion comes about lowering the minimum drinking age to 18 the most educated and responsible people in our society say it is not a good practice it will affect the health of the teenagers and increase the accident rates. A glass of wine during a dinner helps kids to practice moderate drinking as a family activity rather than something they have to steal to do. Research and studies clearly shows that the moderate amount of alcohol is good for people’s health.
We all know that we are college students and there is going to be underage drinking one way or the other, if the legal drinking age is not lowered to 18 or 19, the young adults feel themselves being left out or being prohibited from the socializing world which will result young adults to desperately try drinking illegally and in unsafe places. If the young adults are given all the rights even including drinking so those who are eager on trying alcohol will try in a safer place reducing the risk of deaths, accidents, and many more destruction of society. United States constitution legally denounce alcohol until the age of 21 (why not 70 or 65?).
If we go on to look upon some foreign countries or even our own neighbor Canada has its age limit set to 18, on that note, comparing the alcohol related crimes and accidents between these two countries, we can see that it is much more less in Canada then in United States. If we look at the summary chart of international drinking law by age 19% of countries does not have age limit, 9% have age limit between 16-17 years, 62% have age limit between 18-19 years, 2% have age limit of 20 years, 4% have age limit of 21 years and 4% have drinking as an illegal. Do these make sense?
Now in a typical American way of life massive number of what we call legal drinkers drink over the weekend and get arrested for various reasons and crimes and accidents happen more in United States comparing to other countries, But why? According to my knowledge, the drinkers of other nations are used to drink since 18 and are now used or what I like to call is experienced on alcohol, they know how to react and deal with the situation which minimizes the risk of crimes and arrests and accidents even deaths whereas, in United States people who turn 21 are completely new and has no experience and don't know what and how to react to the situations after drinking. Now that was for adults but we still have young adults who are all been forbidden from years. They try to drink illegally and in unsafe places which leads to worsen the scenario of the society.
Here in United States we consider 18 plus to be adults and as I have said earlier that they literally can do anything or decide anything for themselves except drinking. Why do we restrict them? Thinking that drinking is bad? Or is it they are not mature enough to decide for themselves that drinking is good or not? There is no good or bad in drinking, its only ones own choice. For instance in Holland,