Drinking Age Annotated Bibliography Essay

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Anthony Martino
English Comp
Annotated Bibliography

Change the Age to Save the Lives

The legal drinking age in the United States is the only age that is above 19 years of age. Everywhere else in the world the age is 19 and under and some countries don’t even have a drinking age. The drinking age should be lowered to 18 because it will help all the problems that come with underage drinking. There is a numerous amount of reasons to change the drinking age to 18 and there are also many opposing thoughts on it as well. Three reasons to lower the drinking age in the US is to stop all of the illegal issues involved with underage drinking, Stop or cut down on the overuse of alcohol and drugs and the changing of adulthood when you turn the age
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If you are allowed to fight for your country and handle an armed weapon then why can’t you have a beer off base? That’s the other thing doesn’t make sense, if you are 18 and on the base of the military then you can drink but once you are off base you aren’t allowed to have beer. Another decision that adults make is to smoke or not to smoke. If they can make that decision responsibly then they can certainly make the decision whether to drink or not to drink responsibly as well. When you turn 18 you are considered an “adult” in the United States and are able to make all of your own decisions on your own. It is now officially your own life and nobody can stop you of what you want to do…with in reason of course. But my question is why do we stop at drinking? How come we can make all of own choices like joining the military or smoking cigarettes and tobacco or even in some states smoking marijuana but yet we cannot even have a sip of alcohol in public. Therefore, if the drinking age were to be lowered to 18 then it would stop the cause of diseases like alcoholism and alcohol poisoning. It would also lower the percentage of illegal doings if minors were to be caught. When we turn 18 in the United States of America, we are to be considered adults, so let us make all the choices for ourselves instead of hiding one from us until later on in