Drinking Alcohol And Marriage Essay

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What can be the worst thing to happen to marriage? Drinking alcohol in excessive amount can have a detrimental effect on a marriage. When drinking in large quantities, a person loses control of emotions by numbing emotions receptors which leads to the person being incapable of receiving or showing emotion to anyone. When there is a lack of emotion, marriage is not being supported by both sides. In 2010 the rates of divorce revealed that 50% of marriages end in divorces (Kennedy P.9). With a lack of emotion, some people are more inclined to be unfaithful to the other spouse and make distrusting decisions turn drinking excessive amounts of alcohol promotes divorce because of an increased risk of distrust, alcoholism, and lack of emotion. Drinking excessive …show more content…
When drinking alcohol in excessive amounts, it is easy for a person to then change from a casual drinker to a chronic drinker.One night it might just go from a few drinking with some friends to multiple drinks just to function.Certain people are more prone to be an alcoholic also known as a chronic drinker. These people are normally already seeing problems with their relation and turns to more drinking to help cope with the pain or suffering that is happening.When a person becomes a chronic drinker, they are then categorized as an alcoholic who is suffering from Alcoholism. Per the Gale Encyclopedia of public health, the definition describes it as “Alcoholism is a chronic physical, psychological, and behavioral disorder characterized by the excessive, compulsive, and uncontrolled consumption of alcohol” (Frey 2013). Today in this day in age researchers have found that alcoholism is a disease. This disease causes people to become secretive and consumed by the addiction to the alcohol. When an individual in a relationship becomes, secretive and consumed by addiction, this can put stress on a relationship and lead to