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Should the Legal Drinking Age be Lowered?
Jenny Cabrera and Daniel Cortes
Strategies for Success
Instructor Velasquez
September 18, 2013

Should the Drinking Age be Lowered? For almost a long time now, most states have set their minimum drinking age law at 21. In the seventies, 29 states lowered their drinking age to be closer to voting age and military enlistment, which is 18. The results were immediate, drunk driving crashes and alcohol-related fatalities increased significantly in those states1. Since that time, the 21 drinking age law has saved about 900 lives per year as estimated by the National Traffic Highway Administration2. There are a lot of kids now a day that drink before they turn 21. By the time kids reach the 8th grade, nearly half of all adolescents have had at least one drink. Underage alcohol use is more likely to kill young people than all illegal drugs combined3! Some of the problems that can lead to from underage drinking are suicide, sexual assault, high risk sex, and drinking and driving. It can lead from a hangover to death from alcohol poisoning. If you are pregnant and drinking, you should really go to jail because you are messing with the growth of your baby and when it is born the alcohol may take its toll one way or another. Alcohol plays a significant role in risky sexual behavior, including unwanted, unintended, and unprotected sexual activity, and sex with multiple partners. Such behavior increases the risk for unplanned pregnancy and for contracting sexually transmitted diseases, including infection with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. There are some interest groups that work to fight against drunk driving and the legal drinking age. They are known as Mothers Against Drunk Driving, (MADD). They oppose underage drinking and some of them think the drinking age should be raised!

Some parents let their kids drink under supervision. Some parents do not let their kids drink at all. It is obvious that when teen go to “kickbacks” they end up drinking. For the parents who let their kids drink under supervision, yes that is legal. You have to be at your property, or at another private property. Some parents do not agree with this, but hey a parent always knows what is best for their child, even though sometimes it is wrong. In the United States of America, you are legally recognized as an adult at age 18. That means you can legally vote, serve on juries (jury duty), and join the military. Joining the military may include risking your life, which can happen if you consume a lot of alcohol at the time. Lowering the drinking age nationwide would be good for the economy. Everyone knows how the economy is doing horrible at the time; some people think it can be fixed overnight. Many people would legally be able to drink in bars and other licensed establishments. Many teenagers like to have a good time when it comes to being out of school or work. To them, drinking is an enjoyable activity. You should not be denied good time when other activities are legal at age 18, like strip clubs. I turned 18 last year and I have already been to several strip clubs for fun. You should not be denied a good time especially here in the United States of America, the land of opportunity.

Some critics argue that lowering the drinking age